Youth Aviation Adventure
Introducing young people to the exciting world of aviation
Today I would like talk about Youth Aviation Adventure (YAA), a non-profit organization that I have been serving as a volunteer.

YAA is a volunteer organization by pilots and aviation enthusiasts, introducing ages 12-17 to the exciting world of aviation through high-quality and engaging educational programs. It organizes various hands-on events throughout the year, mainly at airport facilities.

I came across YAA when I was researching about Aviation & Space Education (AVSED) programs at the Federal Aviation Administration. YAA was listed as a partner organization, providing a hands-on program using real aircraft with opportunities for students to experience an airplane flight.

Youth Aviation Adventure
Inspiring Future Aviators
YAA's mission and activities were very much in line with what I wanted to do - teaching younger kids all about aviation and sharing about the things that I had the privilege of learning so far. However, all planned in-person events with kids had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Given the circumstances, my role is to get YAA's message out into social media and through digital channels. For that, I will be focusing on not only to produce digital content such as educational videos, but also start creating and posting content on YAA's Instagram and Facebook accounts to raise awareness about aviation and continue reaching out to future aviators while our on-hands activities are on hold.

Below you can find a selection of the latest postings from the Instagram feed and click on the pictures to learn more:

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NOVEMBER 12, 2020
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