Fairchild Dornier 728: The Plane That Never Flew

The Fairchild Dornier 728 program had ambitions of dominating the regional jet market in the 2000's.

With the aging DC-9 as well as low supply from other regional aircraft manufacturers (except for the Bombardier CRJ Series) the program showed great potential.

If the program had such a promise, why did it fail?
In my third video, I wanted to share the story of a passenger jet designed by the German-American aircraft company Fairchild Dornier, which I have always found to be fascinating.

The program intended to carry 50-110 passengers across three variants; the 528, 728, and 928 and compete with the likes of the Bombardier CRJ series as well as the Embraer E-Jet family. The plane was scheduled to take its first flight in 2002 and enter service in 2003. The aircraft had amassed 125 firm orders and options for an additional 164 from notable airlines including Lufthansa and Czech Airlines.

Watch my video if you are interested in learning what went south and why, and as always, let me know what you think in the comments section of the video.

You can also find some of the images that I referred to in the video and others for additional reference below:
Fairchild Dornier 728: The Plane That Never Flew
Learn about the story of Fairchild Dornier and their ambitious regional jet program
The Dornier Do-X Flying Boat

"The Mightiest Airplane That Ever Flew." Popular Science Monthly, Oct. 1929, pp. 45.
Fairchild Dornier 728JET Fuselage and Seating Plans

Company designs. Aug. 2000
Messe Friedrichshafen

The exhibition hall at the Bodensee-Airport in Friedrichshafen which opened in 2002 hosts one of the leading general aviation trade shows in Europe, the AERO.

Fairchild Dornier 728-100 Launch Day

21 Mar. 2002

Photograph: Peter Unmuth / VAP
Fairchild Dornier 728Jet for sale at its auction day

15 Feb. 2005

This first prototype which was used during the launch event was sold to "Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft- und Raumfahrt" for ~25,000 EUR to be used for cabin research purposes.

Photograph: Philipp Boeck
Fairchild Dornier 728Jet second prototype on its auction day

15 Feb. 2005

The second prototype was sold for ~8,000 EUR

Photograph: Philipp Boeck
Remnants of the second prototype

Fairchild Dornier 728Jet TAC 02 (Test Aircraft 02 - the second prototype), Berlin Tempelhof Airport, 2018

Photograph: Twitter/ @TodaysFlight

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